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SharePoint Designer 2013 Approval Workflow with Comments

Adding Comments to a SharePoint 2013 Approval Workflow I needed the ability to capture comments from Approval Tasks in a workflow.  This has changed greatly in 2013 workflows.  Everything is more modular and as such must be built somewhat from scratch. SharePoint 2013 workflows can become corrupt .  This may have been fixed by a patch, but please refer to a previous post before creating any 2013 workflows in Designer: SharePoint 2013 does not have a built-in approval workflow, nor does a built-in task item include comments.  I solved this by building my own approval workflow, and using a custom content type to include a comments field. A SharePoint 2013 Workflow will not store the Task ID when a task is created, so you cannot do a lookup into that task list to grab comments or any other field.  I solved this by creating a separate workflow in the task list to read the Related Items column, and update t