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SharePoint Search - Content Processing Pipeline Failed to Process the Item

SharePoint 2013 Search Crawls Stop Crawling All Content Recently the search system stopped successfully crawling content.  ASPX pages were crawled, but no content was being indexed. Opening up the crawl log showed thousands of errors with this message: The content processing pipeline failed to process the item.  (Index was out of range.  Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.  Parameter name: index; SearchID = [GUID]) Note: the resolution is in the resolution section for those who cannot or refuse to read. What does this mean?  Honestly initially it made no sense.  So I learned a valuable lesson: I misguidedly spent the next 2 days trying the usual fixes like resetting the index, rebuilding the 2013 search components, and lastly what EVERYONE does: they fix it with a sledgehammer (in this case rebuilding the search service application). But what if rebuilding the search service application is a horrible pain?  We have thousands of query rules, 30 result