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SSRS Open URL in New Window

For many that are not aware, SSRS is excellent at displaying SharePoint list data.  Whether in Native or SharePoint-Integrated mode, SSRS connects directly to a SharePoint site and will enumerate all the lists and libraries. We recently used pie charts to display the major statuses for a business process.  We wanted to set a hyperlink on the chart that would send the user to the list view that shows the data items in the chart.  A requirement was to open this hyperlink in a new window/tab.  Well the Action section allows you to add a URL to a page, but by using a expression you can run JavaScript, very powerful. Steps : Rick-click on the chart area and choose 'Series Properties'. Click on 'Action' section. Click on 'Go to URL', and click on the Expression button. Enter this expression in this format (replace with your web address): ="javascript:void('','_blank'))" Example: Note : Feel free to