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SharePoint 2013 Workflow Errors

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Tips I have learned some gotchas and tricks while creating my first SharePoint 2013 Workflows. Background: These observations were observed while using SharePoint Designer 2013 with Service Pack 1 to create SharePoint 2013 Workflows on an on-premises farm running version 15.0.4665.1000 ​(2013 Service Pack 1 Mark 2).  No custom visual studio actions have been used. Observation 1: Corrupt workflows: DO NOT copy and paste Conditional IF statements from one stage transition to another stage transition. This may cause the workflow to become corrupted.  I have attempted to save the workflow as a template periodically in case it becomes corrupted later.  THIS DID NOT WORK.  It appears that workflows can become corrupt and nothing I could do later helped.  This included exporting the WSP, unpacking it, then trying to copy the XAML from one workflow to another and redeploy to the system.  Basically I tried every workaround I discovered.  Even tried using

PowerShell Scripts

PowerShell Scripts I think it is time I start publishing my SharePoint Scripts.  These are stored in my personal OneDrive and they should always be available.  Please let me know if they are not!  They are read only for public use.  I take no responsibility for their use.  So read them and understand them before using. These apply to the following: Active Directory HyperV IIS Modules NTFS Office 365 SQL Server Reporting Services SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013 T-SQL Queries (Mostly for SharePoint purposes) Windows Server I appreciate any and all feedback or help with these.