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SharePoint SQL Queries

My stash of useful SQL queries I use.  Particularly useful when doing migrations as tempdb files can grow out of hand and renaming, fixing databases are needed. View the state and files for a database: exec sp_helpdb [tempdb] View the status of Transaction Log size and usage: dbcc sqlperf(logspace) Shrink a Transaction Log: USE Test_Intranet_Content_Home; GO -- Truncate the log ALTER DATABASE Test_Intranet_Content_Home SET RECOVERY SIMPLE; GO -- Shrinks the log to number of Mb DBCC SHRINKFILE (Test_Intranet_Content_Home_log, 1536); GO -- Reset the recovery model ALTER DATABASE Test_Intranet_Content_Home SET RECOVERY FULL; GO Rename Filenames (I often do this when migrating a content DB to a new farm): -- Get the current database filenames sp_helpdb Test_Technology_Content_Root GO -- Change Logical Filenames  USE [Test_Technology_Content_Root] ALTER DATABASE [Test_Technology_Content_Root]       MODIFY FILE (NAME=N'SharePoint_PortalHome_Content'