People Search fails to return results when using SSL for MySites

SharePoint 2010 uses sps-<name> to return values for metadata properties.  You can view them in the Technet reference for metadata properties in the People section:

People properties use many of these sps- values.  The scope to find People is:

If search cannot access the sps- values because you are using SSL then nothing will be returned.

We use SSL for all of our web applications, and this was not returning any of the people data in searches.  Regular document content worked great as that is searched using the DNS name.  The fix is to add an s after the sps3:// for the start address in the content source.

For example use this as the start address for content source for All SharePoint Sites:
sps3s://  (note the sps3s instead of the built-in sps3)

In our case I use a separate hostname for mysites, so I have to make sure that is added as a content source and the search scope can see the sps3 properties:

Remember to run a full crawl after altering a content source or changing metadata properties to see the results.


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