Connect DataView or Drop-down List to SOAP Web Services on same server

Add a SOAP service as a data source

To be able to use a SOAP service on SharePoint 2010 as a data source in Designer, you will need to modify the web.config first.  This article explains this:

Refer to this section for the instructions: "Configure the Web.config file on the server".

Follow the directions at the top of the page to connect to the web service.  In my case I am investigating pulling in users in a SharePoint group as a data source for a webpart filter on a page.  The customer wants to filter all the webparts of list views from a drop-down menu built from users in a group local to the site where the lists and page reside.  I will need to allow for the default filter to be null or none, and then allow the filter to be refined by the user.


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