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Change SharePoint server hostname and Web Application Names

Note: I realize that many admins are reluctant to delete web applications.  I personally know why I ma doing it and how to achieve this easily.  You should always retain any customization you have added to the site, like web.config mods, etc.  The Alternate Access Mappings are always available, but they leave open holes that I do not wish to keep active.  I like a clean setup. Why? Perhaps you need to clone a development, test, or some SharePoint server and you need to change the hostname so that it can exist on the same domain without a SID conflict.  Or you just have a use-case for wanting to rename the hostname of a SharePoint server.  It can be done, just make sure you go through all of the steps. The Rename-SPServer PowerShell command can also be used to change the SQL Server name, for the case where you might move the databases to a new SQL server or instance and you need to point all of the farm servers to this new hostname\instance. Changing the hostname isn't that