SharePoint 2010 Slide Library Errors

I had several users today who have been unable to properly use the SharePoint 2010 Slide Library features. I went to this location and tested it myself and truly things were broken all over.  If I clicked on a link the Office Web Apps we have installed failed to open throwing an error telling me I need Office 2007 installed.  If I use the drop-down menu to Edit in Microsoft PowerPoint, another error about a Microsoft application not installed.

I found the fix.  It was easy.  I didn't have to open ULS Log Viewer, re-install Office Web Apps, or try to force the library to open the file in the client application by default.

Instead it was IE 64-bit browser.  I sent this to users:

  1. You need to only use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer.
  2. To confirm what you are running, click the settings(Gear icon in upper left of browser or Tools-Internet Options) , click About Internet Explorer.  If it says “64-bit Edition” after the version number, this is your problem.
  3. If you are opening Internet Explorer from the Taskbar icon or the start menu icon, remove these links.
  4. Go to Start Menu, All Programs.  At the top of the folders there should be 2 links for Internet Explorer, only difference is one says 64-bit.  Choose the one that is not 64-bit and right-click pin to Taskbar or Start menu.
  5. Go back to the slide library and see if opening the file for edit in PowerPoint, editing in browser, or other features work as expected.

I still had one user who could not Publish the Slides to a Presentation, PowerPoint would fail.  This user ran some Microsoft Updates and it was fixed.


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