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Bing Maps for SharePoint

Want a solution that can deploy a Bing Maps webpart, install a custom field for Lat/Long with a great map picker control, and display any lists that have content in the custom coordinate field on the map? Here is the CodePlex project: Here is where you must go to get a Bing Maps Key: I created a developer key and had to establish a domain name with it, but using the correct domain didn't matter for the solution to work.  This key is referenced in the web.config and twice in the control template. Note: I would edit the text in the control template.  I used an explanation like this:     <div id="txtE">         Hover over grey stripe to utilize menu or navigate in map window below to select location.     </div> This text is displayed on the edit form above the user control for picking a location on the map.

CSS Class Definitions for Windows SharePoint Services

The classes for cascading style sheets that determine the styles and formatting applied to pages in Windows SharePoint Services are defined in Core.css, which is located in the following directory of each front-end Web server: Local_Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\STYLES The following table provides information about the classes that are defined in Core.css. Selector Description body, form Sets the margin of the body or form to 0. body Sets the margin of the body to 0. .ms-main Border color at the right margin of a page. .ms-toolbar Text and gradient in list toolbars. .ms-rtetoolbarmenu .ms-rtetoolbarunsel .ms-rtetoolbarsel .ms-rtetoolbardis .ms-rtetoolbarhov Defines the look of the Rich Text Editor. .ms-gridT1 Type of rating sc