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Previously I had some issues trying to display SharePoint List data as rollups using a DataView Web Part (DVWP).  The problem I had is in remembering how to do a count of a query for every row that satisfies a condition, like a status or category.

The trick is creating variables and then calling the variables later, which really helps in creating percentages.

These 2 variables are default with every DVWP:
  <xsl:variable name="Rows" select="/dsQueryResponse/Rows/Row"/>
  <xsl:variable name="dvt_RowCount" select="count($Rows)"/>
You can call the total number of items in a list like this:
  <xsl:value-of select="$dvt_RowCount"/>

Here is an example of a way to show the number of items in a list split up by status.  Status is a drop-down choice column with 3 values: (Input, In Progress, Complete)

<xsl:variable name="InputCount" select="count(/dsQueryResponse/Rows/Row[normalize-space(@Status)='Input'])" />
<xsl:variable name="InProgressCount" select="count(/dsQueryResponse/Rows/Row[normalize-space(@Status)='In Progress'])" />
<xsl:variable name="CompleteCount" select="count(/dsQueryResponse/Rows/Row[normalize-space(@Status)='Complete'])" />

Later call these variables in your display <table> or <div> using CSS for styling and layout.  To show percentages divide the dvt_RowCount variable by the individual counts.  To show bars that adjust their height or width (vertical or horizontal) by the total then set the width of <div> tags by the variables as percentages.


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